Printing Machine

ETP bushing is used to fix the feed roll. The roll and the shaft can be fixed easily and accurately, and the size in the direction of the shaft can be reduced.

Entrance / Exit Gate

Miki Pulley Electromagnetic-actuated brake 111 model is used to hold the flap of the entrance/exit gate.

Medical Equipment

Miki Pulley metal disc coupling SFC and Miki Pulley spring actuated brake BXW with silencing spring are used to transmit the power and hold the position in a diagnostic imaging system.They contribute to increasing the quietness.

Vertical Shaft of Machine Tool

Miki Pulley spring-actuated brake BXW model is used to prevent a fall.

Vacuum Pump

Miki Pulley star flex coupling is used to connect the drive unit. The structure is simple and maintenance is easy.

Pleasure Boat

Miki Pulley centa flex coupling and floating shaft (high-speed rotation) are used to connect the engine and the propeller.

CNC Lathe

Ultra-high rigid coupling Miki Pulley SFF(-N) model is used to connect the servo motor and the feed shaft. The rated torque is higher than the conventional models, and the coupling size and the moment of inertia can be reduced.

Plastic Bottle Molding Machine

Miki Pulley ETP bushing is used to connect the mold fixing shaft and the shaft of the index feeding unit. Connection with one bolt substantially reduces the adjustment time.

Food Processing Machine

Miki Pulley stainless ETP bushing is used in a food processing machine. It can be used in sections that need to be washed or are exposed to water.

Vibration Conveyor

The ROSTA oscillating mounting AU model is used in the vibration conveyor.

The service life is longer than that of a metal disc and coil spring.